Future Vision
Navoi FEZ plans to become the leading industrial and logistics center of regional and international importance.
Multimodal Transport and Logistics hub Navoi
Navoi FEZ is placed in immediate proximity to the international airport, E-40 highway and railway lines of international significance.
Directorate of Navoi FEZ
Directorate is a commercial organization in the form of the State Unitary Enterprise which carries out operational management activities of Navoi FEZ.
Pre-fitted Offices
Our offices meet contemporary requirements and provide ample working space with high level of convenience.
Living Conditions
Comfortable living conditions for your employees have been created on the territory of Navoi FEZ.
"The proximity of the Navoi Free Industrial Economic Zone (Navoi FIEZ) to the transcontinental intermodal hub at Navoi city airport is FIEZ’s most important success element. The hub began operations on January 1, 2009 and is managed by Korean Air, a world leader in air transportation and cargo.
Located along the world’s most important crossroads of automobile, railway and aviation routes, the Navoi city airport connects Southeast Asia with Central and East Asia, the Middle East, and the European continent. Regular flights connect Navoi city to Asian and European metropolises such as Bangkok, Frankfurt, Milan, New Delhi and Singapore. 
Undoubtedly, the union between the Navoi FIEZ and the international logistics center at the airport enables income-generating manufacturing facilities to be established, and ready-made products delivered to world markets through a highly developed combination of aviation, automobile, and railway transportation systems. 
I look forward to the continued collaboration of the government and the business community in the endeavor, and to the successful operation of the Navoi Free Industrial Economic Zone."

Islam Karimov,
President of the Republic of Uzbekistan

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