Requirements to business plan

Business-plan submitted to the Directorate of Navoi FEZ shall include the following basic provisions:

  • name, volumes and assortment of output planned to be produced;
  • prospective prices and production distribution markets, volumes of manufacture export oriented output;
  • infrastructure and engineering structures required to fulfill proposed project;
  • proposed size of an area of the territory of Navoi FEZ for efficient location of production;
  • availability of raw-material base and guaranteed opportunity to provide with raw material for the period of the project fulfillment;
  • description of a technology of the proposed production taking ecological requirements into consideration;
  • information on a trade mark proposed to be used;
  • calculation of economic efficiency, as well as most effective technical, organizational and economic decision of fulfillment of the project;
  • character of manufacturing equipment, proposed to be used in production;
  • amount of proposed capital investment, sources of financing and proposed pledge security in case of attraction of borrowings;
  • a number of created working places.